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About 2000 Paces Photo Organizing

Our mission is to provide comprehensive preservation, protection, and organization services for cherished photographs, memorabilia, and home videos to ensure that these precious memories are easily shared and enjoyed for generations to come.

In our fast-paced digital age, preserving and organizing cherished memories can be a daunting task. With photographs scattered across various places, like shoeboxes, legal boxes, outdated media, hard drives, and unsorted duplicate prints, many individuals struggle to find the time and resources to undertake this important task. Consequently, these memories often remain hidden and inaccessible for years or even decades.

At 2000 Paces, we are committed to reconnecting individuals with their visual memories by providing comprehensive preservation, protection, and organization services. Our goal is to facilitate the enjoyment and sharing of these memories with friends and family.

Our organization offers a wide range of services to assist individuals in reconnecting with their memories, safeguarding them, and sharing them with loved ones. These services include:

  • Photo Organization: We help individuals organize their photographs into a cohesive and manageable collection. This includes sorting, scanning, and digitizing photos, as well as creating albums and other storage solutions.
  • Memorabilia Preservation: We preserve cherished memorabilia, such as letters, postcards, and other paper items, by using archival-quality materials and techniques.
  • Home Video Transfer: We transfer home videos from outdated media, such as VHS tapes and camcorders, to digital formats that are easily accessible and shareable.
  • Memory Sharing: We help individuals share their memories with friends and family through online galleries, social media, and other platforms.

At 2000 Paces, we are dedicated to assisting individuals in organizing, protecting, and sharing their memories with family and friends, allowing them to focus on creating new memories.

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