A New Way to Find Your Right Job

Getting Started

Searching for a new job can be difficult. Before you can even begin, you have to wade through various job boards, trying to decide which one might have  the type of job you’re looking for. Once you finally settle on one to use, you then have to search through a massive amount of employment opportunities. And sometimes, the jobs will not even match the criteria you’re searching for. You could search for manager positions, only and yet get bombarded with options that do not fit what you may need. To further complicate things, you have to figure out which jobs are right for your particular skill sets and interests. It can leave you feeling hopeless. 

You need a way to sort through all the noise and wrong fits to land the job that’s right for you. 

A Tool That Removes the Obstacles

What if there were a platform that took all of this into consideration? A platform that was geared toward frontline workers finding fulfillment in their jobs with companies that invested in them? A platform that was less concerned with the quantity of posted jobs, and more with the quality of those jobs? At Frontline Careers, this is exactly what we’re building. We want to connect frontline workers with jobs that not only fit their skills, but align with their aspirations and  offer them more opportunities for growth and advancement. 

Frontline workers in the United States are a diverse group numbering over 55 million men and women and stretching across industries ranging from retail to self-care, travel and hospitality to restaurants and bars. Frontline workers, by definition, almost never do their jobs from home. They are often directly involved in the production, handling, or distribution of a product or service. At Frontline Careers we realize there is no platform out there that satisfies this particular demographic’s needs. We see this as a gap. Our dedicated frontline workforce deserves a place just for them.

What makes a job the “right” job

You could ask a dozen people, “how do you know a job is the right job?” and get a dozen answers. What makes something “right” for one person could be totally different for another. Below are some of the traits that seem to be universally important when determining if a job is a good one. First, it is important to know if the company invests in their workforce. If the answer is yes, then they will likely offer better benefits, predictable schedules, and competitive salaries. They will value their employees and listen to their input. Frontline friendly companies know having a diverse workforce is a benefit to them, because it provides a broader range of ideas and input. 

Second, do they offer opportunities for advancement? On-the-job training and a clear path to move up through the organization are essential components of a good job. No one wants to work for a company that passes them over for promotion year after year. Good companies understand that their most valuable resource is their workforce. And that if they can advance people from within, they can improve worker satisfaction and reduce turnover. 

Lastly, a good job is one that cares about the individual. When workers start to feel like they’re just a cog in the wheel, they believe they are not integral to their company’s success. Companies that care recognize that each individual employee is vital to their success. They focus on knowing and listening to their employees. They know that frontline workers are often directly in touch with customers, and thus the ones most likely to hear feedback about their company’s products and services. And if the relationship comes to an end, a good company understands the importance of exit interviews: while sometimes there is nothing different the company could have done to keep an employee, other times they are the reason the employee is leaving. 

A good company realizes that while we all have to work, there is no reason the job cannot be fulfilling, and the company be a place where both parties can be successful. 

At Frontline Careers we know there are companies that fit this description. These are the companies  whose jobs we will be highlighting and  posting, because these are the companies that truly put their frontline first. Searching for a job can be stressful, but at Frontline Careers we’re here to help.

About Frontline Careers
Founded in January 2020, Frontline Careers is a Southern California-based startup with a mission to connect frontline workers looking for more, with companies that offer more. The startup’s proprietary Frontline Friendly℠ Assessment and Certification process enables frontline job seekers, customers, and investors to better identify those companies that truly value and invest in their frontline workers. In addition, Frontline Careers offers a job site exclusive only to companies offering benefits and perks beyond pay to their frontline employees.


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