Top Tips for Getting Hired

By The Recruiting Maven 

Are you having trouble finding a job? Here are three easy to fix items that you may be overlooking.  

Tip #1:

Make sure your resume is up to date on all the sites you have uploaded it to. Along with that, make sure your contact information is updated as well.  Oftentimes as a recruiter, I have tried to reach out to candidates, but have been unable to do so because their contact information was either wrong or not up to date!

Tip #2:

Do not apply to every single job a company has to offer.  Although, this might be contrary to what others have advised you to do, but from the recruiter’s perspective, this is not best practice. My advice is to review the “qualification section” of the job description to understand the required skills to succeed in a particular role. You may be asking yourself why it would not be better to just cast a wider net when job hunting.  The reason is simple, it takes time for the recruiter to review your application as well as others. This may in turn, delay the response to qualified candidates by having to weed through the candidates who do not have all of the skills needed for a job.  And, it may keep you from being matched with a job that best suits your expertise.

Tip #3:

When you do get asked to interview with a company, make sure you are prepared by researching the company thoroughly.  Partnering with a recruiter can be very helpful. A little-known secret is that recruiters can provide a wealth of information and assist in providing useful insights regarding the hiring manager and team.

Bonus Tip:

From time to time, we experience economic downturns for various reasons. Aligning oneself with a recruiter who will assist and support you in your job search is going to make all the difference in the world.

Bianka Castillo

The Recruiting Maven

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